bailey noel.
sometimes i laugh too much, too loudly, and sometimes i’m silent too long. i long for the type of silence that follows a good joke, when there’s still a hint of laughter in the air and the sense of camaraderie is heavy in the room. i’m in love with the beach, and watching the waves relentlessly touch the sand and the rocks.

i’m nineteen, halfway second year of college. as a child i wanted to be a doctor, to play the piano, to draw, to write. but now, with the practicality of adulthood weighing on my shoulders, i’m back at the beginning, and working on a degree in community health sciences, with a concentration in kinesiology and intend to pursue a career in physical therapy and athletic training.

sometimes i write things. novels with broken people and broken lives, but a dash of hope for a better future. i write about the things that i think are important. love, pain, death. echoes, i suppose, of the things i’ve experienced in my short stay here on earth. it’s difficult to write about the things you don’t know, and often the things that you do know are difficult for those around you to swallow. i write them anyway, punctuating every syllable with the desperation of our human race and the hunger for a better tomorrow.

things you should know about me:

++ i am hopelessly in love with the idea of love
++ i work best with a deadline
++ sleepy puppies are my absolute favorite
++ i have a dendency to fall in love with fictional characters (and it’s not a bad thing)
++ i’m an istj
++ captain america is my dream man
++ i don’t do the whole selfie thing
++ i have a love affair with animated movies. especially the emperor's new groove. the low blood sugar comment gets me every time.