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It's been a while. A few months, a handful of weeks strung together and moving oh so slowly. It's been  yelling matches and shoving and almost needing red and blue flashing lights to pull up in front of my house. It's been good news and bad news and news that could hardly be called either good or bad.  It's been four months. It's been four new lines on my arms and countless sleepless nights. It's been crying and sobbing and clutching at my stomach when the tears can't come any longer ad all that's left is nausea.

It's been countless apologies and angry words and more apologies to follow. It's been me, screaming out for something, and not finding it. It's been three journals, filled, and yet no words to share with those around me. It's been runs and worn out shoes and music that's been listened to way too loud. It's been running away, not necessarily on my own two feet. It's been crying in church and in the bathroom after worship. It's been guilt and pain and screaming at God. It's been realizing that I am limited, and He is limitless.

It's been four months. I'm sorry.


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