getting to know me. [30 things you should know]


  1. My middle name is Noel. Mostly because I was born four days before Christmas. Also because my mother is obsessed with all things French.
  2. I can eat more pizza than my nearly twenty year old brother. Um.
  3. I prefer the British spelling of words. Favourite, recognise, colour, organise, etc.
  4. I have been informed on several different occasions that I look like I'm twelve, not seventeen-going-on-eighteen.
  5. I can sing along to every single Silly Song with Larry that was ever made. Achoo moo moo, achoo moo moo, achoo moo moo, achoo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo moo.
  6. I never cry in movies. Seriously. I don't cry when watching Les Mis, and really only teared up while watching War Horse. I'm called the heartless one in my family.
  7. My dad calls me his hippy love child. It stemmed from the fact that I had pants with sequins and an embroidered butterfly on them. Don't judge, I was eleven.
  8. My form of photography used to only be point and press the button. My iPhoneography technique has not changed.
  9. When I'm tired my sense of humor becomes very snarky. As exemplified by the bus ride home from Mexico when I jokingly (of course jokingly, and not because they were being very loud in the seats behind me) told people that if they had a golden ticket, they got to walk the rest of the way home. We had just crossed the border.
  10. I play fantasy football. 
  11. People don't believe me when I say that I actually have a very short temper. I get it from my dad's side of the family.
  12. Once, in Mexico, I tried a churro and it was as close to heaven as you can get on this earth. Three words that make it heavenly: cinnamon. sugar. fried. Mmmm. So good.
  13. Thirteen is my favourite number, and my lucky one. Also, seven and three. Because good things come in threes, and seven is the most powerfully magical number in the world.
  14. I have a horrible knack for saying stupid things and then digging a deeper hole for myself. Did you mean: everyday of my entire existence?
  15. At age sixteen, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and spent three days in the intensive care unit of my local hospital. I spent my entire time watching superhero movies because that's what you do when you've just been diagnosed with a chronic illness.
  16. I don't intend to have children. I will become a doctor and deal with other people's snotty nosed kids instead. #logic
  17. When I have crushes on cute boys, I facebook stalk them and then hate myself for liking someone. Again, don't judge.
  18. My first phone was my dad's old iPhone 3GS. I killed it within six months of receiving it. We don't talk about that.
  19. I read all seven Harry Potter books in three days and then went to see 7.2 in theatres for the midnight premiere. My family still doesn't believe that I was able to read them that quickly. I haven't told that that I didn't sleep and barely ate during those three days yet.
  20. I've never traveled farther east than Texas. And even then I was only in Texas for a grand total of four hours. And besides. Does El Paso even count as Texas?
  21. My favorite colour is blue. I love it so much that I painted my room the exact shade that I love. My sister, whom I share a room with, does not love it as much as I do.
  22. I'm a bit of a grammar freak. I correct signs as we're driving. It drives my mother crazy.
  23. I love running and playing ultimate frisbee. I love it so much that I got stress fractures in my right leg. Boo.
  24. I overuse commas. Wait. Does this mean I lose my grammar police badge?
  25. I collect notebooks. My shelves are filled with journals and notebooks and papers. My dad hates it.
  26. I am a huge hockey fan. If you look through the texts sent between my dad and I, you'll find over three hundred about the Stanley Cup Final and the NHL draft. 
  27. I have a four month old beagle puppy named Gus. The cuteness kills me.
  28. When I was six my parents told me that Christmas lights were not put up for Christmas, they were put up for my birthday. I believed them. And didn't know the truth until I was nearly eleven.
  29. I used to figure skate. And then I realised that one must be rather flexible to do triple axels and lutzes. I can't even touch my toes.
  30. My name is commonly used for dogs. Just last weekend I was at the mall and there was a man with his guide dog named Bailey. My mother apologizes for naming me such a common dog name.
  31. I never follow the rules. They're more like guidelines anyway.


  1. I always cry in movies.
    In Spain we eat churros, above all, for breakfast on holidays and on very cold mornings, with a big hot chocolate bowl. I think I can die :3

    1. Holy crap. That sounds delicious. So jealous. ;)

  2. I love your blog! came from Hannah Rose's blog. She designed mine as well :) My brother and mom both have type 1 diabetes too.

    1. Oh, thank you! Hannah does a marvellous job with blog design. I'm incredibly happy with her work. :) Aw, that's sad! I'm the only person in my family/extended family with T1D, so I'm kind of on my own with the majority of the stuff I go through.

  3. 14, 17, 22, and 24 - yes! oh, goodness, i love your blog.


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