magnets: a poem



you're like the wind
unseen, and always changing

i'm like the trees and plants
quiet, and tied down
whipped to and fro by your force

together we're like the sun and moon
pushing + pulling like magnets

but they say that opposites attract
and i think you know
that that's all i ever wanted.

[currently: eating: toasted pecans // drinking: diet pepsi // reading: the book thief by markus zusak // wishing: that school didn't start so soon // listening to: i almost do - taylor swift // feeling: a tad lonely]


  1. this is so bittersweet. i love the feeling this post gives me. i've had that kind of longing bittersweet loneliness probably a million times. (exaggeration, but still.)

    did you write this poetry? it's gorgeous. and i love the photo that goes with it.

    i love you lots. ♥ *hugs*

    1. mmm. it's been a month of loneliness and wishful thinking for me. it's definitely the bittersweet feeling you describe, and sometimes there's a little bit of pain mixed in with it. loneliness sucks.

      i did write it-- it's actually one of the poems i wrote while watching the stars. :) thank you, dear.

      i love you too. *hugs* <3


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