making : a mess of words on paper, dreams.
cooking : apple cinnamon bread, chai tea.
drinking : soon, chai tea.
reading : emotionally healthy spirituality, don't waste your life, the great gatsby.
wanting : peace, a little bit of warmth, a bear hug from my favorite brother.
looking : for joy.
playing : ultimate frisbee. (tomorrow morning.)
wasting : time.
wishing : for the right words to say, that I was better prepared for my SAT. that words could be erased. that I could go back to the beach, and stay there, with my best friends, forever.
enjoying : cool weather.
waiting : impatiently for too many things.
liking : my anatomy homework.
loving : the oh hello's. (and just music in general lately.)
hoping : to attend the University of Portland.
marveling : over the depths of His grace.
needing : to do pre-calc. (but wasting more time.)
smelling : the spices in my tea, warm apple bread, chili on the stove.
wearing : worn Sharks hockey t-shirts, running shorts, blankets on my lap.
noticing : little things.
knowing : that things need to change.
thinking : too much and too hard.


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