the dog days.


In the middle of June, you arrived. You were crying, missing your brothers and sisters, and you were tiny. You played with a little blue squishy dog-shaped dog toy, and you became my baby. You still are my baby. You've grown now. You're a whole five months old, and you can do several tricks. You don't come when you're called, though, puppers, and that could become a problem. You've escaped once already, off to boldly see new worlds in the neighbours' front yards. You're a dork, really. But you're my dork, and I love you.

[the one is an outtake. just in case you thought that taking photos of a puppy who's snuggled up on your lap was easy. ;) also, enjoy the shot of my insulin pump. it's something that I often have to tell my little Gus not to eat. silly pup.]


  1. this is beautiful, Bailey. stunning. :) also, you're a diabetic? i am too, and i have a pink insulin pump. ;) those silly dogs do like to eat the strangest things. *ahem* :)


    1. thank you! :) I am diabetic! sort of a newbie though-- it's only been a year and a half. haha, I was debating getting a pink one, but I wear too much blue for it. ;) they really do, don't they? Gus likes my tubing and test strips...have to be really careful with those! ;)


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