the aaron busters. [fantasy football woes]


I have the worst team in my fantasy football league. And it's only week two.

As the only girl in the league, I feel the need to prove myself. That I can play as well as the boys, and that I can make it to the playoffs. As of today, I don't know how possible that's going to be. Last week I lost 75-95 to my dear Stetson wearing friend, Cody. I didn't expect to win that round, as Cody has a great team and knows a lot about football. (His brother is a Raiders fan, though, so that's a little questionable.) This week, I felt confident.

I was only playing the second worst team in the league, after all. How badly could I do?


Apparently, really badly.

Aaron Rodgers played beautifully. Four touchdowns, 480 yards. 35 points for me. Dez Bryant, injured, but still tough as nails. He got me a stellar 20 points.

And that's when things started to go downhill. Montee Ball did nothing. David Wilson did nothing. The people on my bench did great things. I began to cry internally. My kicker did nothing. Real tears began to come to my eyes. (That's an exaggeration, no tears have been shed over fantasy football yet this year.)

I got a text from my friend Aaron, who's constant smack talking was the inspiration for naming my team the Aaron Busters. U can't have the worst team in the league and still expect to bust me.

Aaron, they say that slow and steady wins the race. Slow and steady also wins fantasy football. I have no intention of giving up my invitation to Cody's Super Bowl party, and so I'm going to the playoffs if it kills me. Never mess with a girl who has serious motivation (food) to win something. Or a girl who's cousin is a former NFL player. You're going down, buddy, and I hope you know that everyone else in the league wants you to lose just as much as I do.

xx, Bailey
ps: basically my team sucks.
pps: that was the entire point of this post, I think. to tell you that.
ppps: what's your favourite football team? (I'm a diehard Cowboys fan.)


  1. you go girl!! I don't play fantasy football but some of my family does. I don't really have a favorite football team - yet.


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